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Our multi-disciplinary teams conduct research to develop, test, and disseminate effective treatment and rehabilitation interventions for people with behavioral health disorders – mental illnesses and/or addictions – and their families.

The Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center (PRC) conducts interdisciplinary research on treatment and rehabilitation services for people who have mental illness and/or addiction. The PRC specializes in developing effective interventions under research conditions, translating these interventions into mental health and addiction treatment and rehabilitation services, and evaluating their effectiveness in community settings. PRC research incorporates multiple scientific perspectives, such as clinical, economic, and ethnographic. The PRC works with efficacy and services researchers to address the needs of multiple stakeholders through effectiveness and implementation research in routine practice settings. The major fields of research conducted at the PRC include integrated treatment for co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse, IPS supported employment, the role of technology in behavioral health services, and dissemination and implementation. In addition, PRC investigators study engagement in behavioral health services, parenting with mental illness, trauma and PTSD, shared decision making, substance abuse and HIV prevention, and behavioral health disparities. The overarching goal of the work we do is to improve the lives of people who have behavioral health problems by supporting their recovery and their integration into their communities.


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